Chicago Steel has a corporate philosophy that is one of Partnership:
  • Partnership with our Customers
  • Partnership with our Suppliers
  • Partnership with our Employees
By utilizing the above-mentioned philosophy we can dissolve the barriers normally created in business between the various parties to achieve the desired goals through the many facets of our organization.

Partnerships with our customers provide the basis for an open line of communication for the sharing of information and ideas resulting in lower production costs, increased customer margins, as well as long term loyalty between the parties.

Partnerships with our suppliers provide a loyal service network thus preventing any possible disruption in the supply chain while working jointly to continue to improve upon the elimination of process variation and operating expenses.
Partnerships with our employees provide the employee the opportunity to improve upon their own education and lifestyle. To provide each individual with the tools to achieve their own personal goals. To provide opportunities to the employees to aid them in preparing their families long term financial objectives.

We believe that through the above partnerships we can provide an environment for each party to excel in both business and in life.


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