Chicago Steel agrees to run painted coils across our processing lines on a "Best Effort Basis." We have procedures in place that provide for line preparation to be performed prior to "painted" coil runs. These procedures include cleaning each section of our line and scheduling these runs during optimum cycles to reduce the potential for contamination. When allowed to process according to normally scheduled painted runs Chicago Steel defines "Best Effort Basis" as the following:
  • The first coil in a production run shall not exceed 400 feet (Head & Tail) of contamination induced by Chicago Steel.
  • All coils following the first coil in a production run shall not exceed 80 feet (Head & Tail) of contamination induced by Chicago Steel.
  • It is Chicago Steel's responsibility not to exceed these limits unless otherwise agreed to by the customer and approved in writing.
  • Chicago Steel cannot guarantee a two side prime painted product. There is a chance that the bottom side can get a light smudge that may not be detected. However Chicago Steel will be responsible for any contamination that transfers over to the top (prime) side.
Chicago Steel will always strive for zero contamination. However, in spite of our best efforts to clean the line there is always the possibility that we will pick up some dirt while processing painted material. This is unavoidable and Chicago Steel will not accept responsibility for any contaminated material that falls within the limits set above. Chicago Steel is advising you of this condition and requires that this policy is agreed to, and signed for, before any processing can be performed. 

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