Chicago Steel is a coil-to-coil tension leveler. We mount 20" or 24" ID (16"ID on accumulation) coils on the entry reel. We stitch the lead end of the new coil to the tail end of the coil in the line. The coil feeds through an alkaline cleaner, rinse and dryer to take the oil off the surface of the strip. This is a requirement of the process. We need a clean, dry strip so the strip doesn't slip on the bridle rolls that would make it difficult to stretch & level the strip. The clean, dry coil is wrapped around the four entry bridles through the leveler and around the four exit bridle rolls. The entry bridles turn a little slower than the four exit bridle rolls putting the strip under tension. The strip is pulled over four work rolls in the leveler much like a roller leveler. The combination of the strip under tension and the strip being wrapped over the four work rolls allows us to pull the strip beyond its yield point. Once you pull metal beyond it's yield point, you are able to permanently change the shape of the product and eliminate shape issues such as edge wave or center buckles.

The tension leveled product comes out of the leveler and the exit bridles and runs across an inspection table. We inspect and road map surface defects on the inspection report. We also take Mic & width readings at the Head & Tail of each coil exiting the line. A full inspection report is available on every coil run at Chicago Steel. The metal runs through a Peabody Electrostatic Oiler which allows us to re-apply oil or pre-lubes if required. Material is re-coiled on the exit reel on either a 20" or 24" ID. Coils are automatically weighed coming off the tension level line. Material is then packaged per our customer's request and put in the warehouse to await instructions to ship. 


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